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addispropertysales is a new home purchase and rental platform that makes it easier to find your new home. Use our verified listing to ensure you find your dream home. In case you cannot find a property, you are looking for, please contact us and we'll send you email notification with properties matching your requirement.

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For most homebuyers, the community they live in is just as important as the home. It must have the right environment, people and activities to suit your family's needs. If you'd like to browse the top communities in Addis Ababa, you can do so by clicking the link below. We've gathered all the information you need to help make your decision as easy as possible.

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ዘመናዊ አፓርታማ

ዘመናዊ ባ 2 እና 3 መኝታ አፓርታማ ከ ጌት-አስ • ግንባታ ላይ ያለ 41,000 ካሬ ሜትር ኮምፓውንድ:: •ቦታው:- ከ ሰሚት ወደ ሀያት በሚወስደው መንገድ,የተዋበ ዲዛይን, በውስጡ የስትፖርት ማዘውተርያ; የልጆች መጫወቻ, ሱፐር ማርኬት የተሟላለት: 20% ቅድመ ክፍያ!!! •ለበለጠ መረጃ ወይም ቢሮዋችን ባዘጋጀነው 1 ለ1 ገለፃ ለመ


Land for sale

Location :summit giorgis


ቅንጡ አፓርትመን

ጥራትን ዘመናዊነትን እና ምቾትን እንዲያማክሉ ተደርገዉ በመሀል አዲስ አበባ #ካዛንቺስ ECA ፊት ለፊት በመገንባት ላያ ያሉ ከ ባለ 2 እስከ ባለ 5 መኝታ ቅንጡ አፓርትመንቶችን በቅድሚያ 30% ብቻ በመክፈል የ ራስዎ ያድርጉ።


Luxury Apartments for Sale

Two and three bedroom luxury apartments with magnificant view of the gotera ring road/urban addis/ and the nearby mountains for sale at the heart of Addis Ababa GOTERA area with fair price and flexible payment schedule, for more information and site visit you can reach us through +251956161616 directly or through IMO,VIBER,WHATSAPP ,TELEGRAM ....


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Ethiopia: High-end Real Estate in High Demand causing dilemma for Low-cost Demands

Demand for residential houses in Addis Ababa has continued to rise over the past few years. More Ethiopians are relocating to town putting pressure on the government to satisfy the housing demands. Nevertheless, the private sector has really stepped into at least cater for some of the demand, especially demand for high-end residential houses. The private sector has been experiencing impressive steady growth as more and more affluent Ethiopians demand for high-end houses. Private sector developers such as Access Real Estate and Jackross Ethiopia are always on the frontline when it comes to the real estate market in the country. These private real estate developers have managed to make billions of birr by selling both high end and low-cost residential houses to several Ethiopians. Access Real Estate, created by Ermais T. Amelga, an ex-banker, has managed to make more than a billion birr within a short period from selling houses to about 2,000 home buyers. Access Real Estate brought

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